A professional looking logo is probably the most important product promotion tool in your arsenal. Hopefully it’s as clever as Jessie Pinkman’s website but just don’t start to work with someone who is as irrational as Walter White!

Think about Starbucks, Apple, or Adidas, and how easy it is to recall their logo. Your logo is not just a random mark but a powerful instrument with an identity that represents your core values and your mission.

Here are 10 reasons why a professional looking logo can help boost your business.

1. First Impressions

It is important to understand that while your logo represents your brand, it is in fact not your brand. Think about how the awesome show 24 promoted 24 which just those two numbers. That was a fantastic branding initiative and Jack Bauer is one of the greatest character that Hollywood ever produced.

It portrays your business’ personality through professional logo fonts, design, and array of colors. In short, your logo is probably your one shot at acquiring business where you don’t have the chance to make a second impression.

Your business gets an automatic boost when you use eye-catching designs to attract clients and customers. A logo can be a great way to wow customers instantly and make a potential impression from the beginning.

2. Brand Loyalty

With no industry bereft of competition, it is important to instill brand loyalty among your customers to acquire repeat business and reap profits. Your logo can be an effective tool for cultivating brand loyalty.

It provides consumers with something to cling to, both physically and mentally, if they follow your business.

You can easily encourage brand loyalty by distributing promotional items or merchandise that display your logo, based on your brand. Free stuff with your logo can be a useful way to get new customers and an amazing way to build appreciation and loyalty to your brand.

3. Recognition

A business logo when easy to recognize in small and large print can go a long way in boosting business through brand recognition.

However, you need to make sure that your professional looking logo can be recognized by your customers with ease, whether it’s on someone’s phone, in a digital advert, embroidered on a tee, or on a billboard.

A professional looking logo has the power to connect people from all over the world depending upon the scale of your business. For instance, Nike’s swoosh is recognized by people from New York’s skyscrapers to the barren mountains of Afghanistan but too bad Nike has hurt itself with the Colin Kaepernick choice in America which makes Adidas and other brands that much happier.

4. Builds Trust

Your brand’s logo can be used to create trust among customers as far as brand identity is concerned. A logo helps consumers connect positively with a business which ensures repeat clientele.

Logos are known to provoke emotions by playing around with fonts and colors. There is a whole science around the colors which garner a positive image and you can easily capitalize on this information to ensure the profits you need.

Most professional logos have the thought and hours invested in them to make customers feel great about a business even before they’ve had a chance to interact with the products or services.

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5. Reveals Identity

One of the reasons behind professional logos helping boost sales is in the fact that they reflect the purpose of a business. For instance, McDonald’s or Apple have well-thought of logos.

Look at McDonald’s (which serves terrible chicken McNuggets but that is another topic) with its iconic logo. You can see how McDonald’s started off in that amazing movie with Michael Keaton called The Founder. McDonald’s has a fantastic story and now it’s logo is recognizable all over the world, even in the most remote regions.

A logo can help customers identify with the purpose of a business which helps them connect better with it. Customers know immediately what they can expect from the business after looking at a professionally made logo.

6. Shows Authenticity

The fact that there is no real business without an actual logo makes customers instantly mistrust brands without an authentic logo. Logos, though a small part of your business’ day-to-day operations, are critically important.

Customers have certain expectations in the society and global marketplace of today’s times.

A professionally designed logo helps your brand stand out automatically from the rest of the competitors that might have developed their design in a hurried fashion without fully appreciating the value and importance of brand development. Just see what Taco Bell has done or KFC.

7. Helps Customers Connect Emotionally

Professionally made logos help build the emotional connection you want with your potential customers. Subway knows all about this and their sandwiches are now available all over the world because of this awesome franchise’s growth.

Data from Marketing and Entrepreneurship indicate that 80% of consumers think that colors boost brand recognition whereas 93% accepted that their purchasing decisions are made based on visual perceptions. Just don’t make the decisions California has made this century because then you will see opportunity and wealth move away from you.

Logos that are designed and color coded by professionals who know what they are doing help to connect customers with your brand on an emotional level. This further helps with other areas of product promotion including, brand loyalty and recognition.

8. Thwarts Competition

Whatever your business niche, it is a given fact that competition is going to be rampant. One of the primary ways you can stand out from competition is investing in a professionally made logo.

Your brand logo is a strong way to foster brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers. It shows your consumers that you care about them and that you don’t cut corners.

9. Meets Expectations

Customers have come to expect a business to have some kind of professional look in the way of a proper logo. In fact, statistics show that businesses without a proper logo are unable to obtain new customer as compared to brands that have one.

And this is not limited to just consumers. Data shows that vendors and lenders are not comfortable doing business or extending credit to businesses that do not have a logo.

10. Consistent Approach

The world has come to a period where businesses have ditched their brick and mortar shells to exist on various platforms. This includes info packs, leaflets, business cards, and online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, and blogs.

It is important to maintain consistency in all platforms by stamping your brand identity everywhere. A professional looking logo helps you maintain a consistent approach and ensures that your business is clearly and properly represented wherever it appears.

Logos are Critical

While there are a number of critical matters to attend to when building your business, it is important that you do not overlook the power of having a professional looking logo.

The sooner you build one the better off will be your business since logos are a worthwhile investment and clearly pay off in the long run.